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Our platform allows you to see immediate results from any trading strategy you design. Create strategies and backtest trading ideas against real market data. Join our platform to prove that you can beat the market.

Design production-grade trading algorithms

We're a no code platform for trading strategy creators with access to state-of-the-art predictive models.

Transform ideas into profit

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to easy investing with code-free modelling and automated trading signals. Create strategies and test trading ideas against real market data.
Create. Build successful strategies takes trial and error. Pick different parameters and see if you can find a better solution.
Backtest. Adjust and test your strategy instantaneously on more than 30 years of historical data.
Compete. Compete against other users for prizes and demonstrate your skills in trading.

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We're building a community of financial minds.
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Build your reputation and profile with successful trading strategies, gain new subscribers and earn passive income as a financial strategy creator.


Test your strategies and compete against the market and other creators to make your way to our Wall of Fame.
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Get recommended by your subscribers and our algorithm to grow your following and reputation.
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Make passive income by renting out your strategies and helping investors beat the market.
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Our roadmap

We are working hard to build a great plaform and a strong community to change the world of investing for everyone.

Alluvie Grand Opening

The Alluvie platform will be available worldwide and everybody will be invited to the largest-scale algorithmic trading strategy competition.

Live Marketplace

Alluvie Marketplace will allow anybody to rent out their strategy on our marketplace. The strategy creators will fix their price and the lessor will have access to the algorithm recommendation on a daily basis.

Strategy Automation

Everybody will be able to automate the management of their money through our platform with the strategy they are renting out on the marketplace. You will no longer need to place the order yourself, Alluvie will do all the work for you.

Alluvie Lab

Alluvie wants to give the best tool to the strategy creator so that they can elaborate on the best strategy possible. The Lab will be here for that purpose.

Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at here.
What is a trading strategy?
An algorithm trading strategy is a set of rules that are applied to a trading account to generate returns. The strategy can be based on technical indicators, fundamental analysis, statistical analysis or any other method.
How do you rate the strategies?
The strategy is rated according to the performance of the strategy. The performance is calculated based on the returns generated by the strategy compared to the underlying asset. See more details in the documentation.
Is it possible to automate trade execution?
We are working on this specific feature and should be available by the end of this year. We will keep you posted on the progress.
If I create a strategy can anyone see the detail of my strategies?
No, you are the sole owner of the strategy and nobody can see the logic behind it.
How many strategies can I create?
You can create and backtest as many strategies as you want.
What is the MSCI World?
The MSCI World is a widely followed global stock market index that tracks the performance of large and mid-cap companies across 23 developed countries. You can see the list of stocks that compose the MSCI World here.
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