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We're a no code platform for trading strategy creators with access to state-of-the-art predictive models.
At Alluvie we are building the next platform for retail investors. We are creating the most advanced no code algorithmic trading platform ever made. Build, backtest, and automate any trading strategy you have in mind within a few clicks.
You don't know how to create a trading strategy but you still want to invest your money? Use one of our prebuild strategies or rent a strategy created by other alluvie creators.

About the team

Emmanuel Bernieri

Emmanuel Bernieri

9 years in Finance industry. Finance engineer & Business Manager
Yuriy Dushin

Yuriy Dushin

3 years leading analytics teams. Project management in Data science.
Somdotta Sarkar

Somdotta Sarkar

Front-end Developer
UX and front-end developer.
Working at Alluvie

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At Alluvie we are a young thriving startup.
We are working fully remotely from all around the world.
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The production grade platform for algorithmic trading.
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